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Kevin Estelle - Home

Kevin Estelle, Jr.

Designer. Brand Developer. Placemaker.

As Founder & Managing Partner of The Boulevard Collective, I work each day to support community stakeholders in uncovering their target audience, crafting stories and content that maximizes community engagement, and developing strategies that ignite seemingly barren spaces into places of belonging and empowerment.

With a technical expertise in Art Direction, Graphic Design, Photography, Web/Digital Platform Development, Information Architecture, and Spacial Program Development, I’d like to take my multi-disciplinary experience and explore new solutions to community development that considers the post-covid, digital age we now live in and makes community growth exciting and enticing for the next generation of leaders.

While based in Washington, DC, I currently work with partners and clients within the district, as well as the Mid-South, and Mid-Atlantic Region. I am actively looking to partner with new community stakeholders: Real Estate Developers, Community Development Leaders, Government Officials, Non-profit Development Leaders, and Local Businesses, or anyone aspiring to rethink how they are building community to be more inclusive, collaborative, and culturally informed.

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